Top Three Ways Your Recruiting Process Can Avoid Blind Spots.

Today’s hiring managers must adapt to two constant challenges: Creative talent shortages and competitive counter-offers. The managerial response must include developing insight into the hiring process via artificial intelligence tools and platforms. This demands market-driven high speed decisions, while overcoming digital complexity. Because of this, on any given day, even the savviest hiring manager might feel a bit like Sandra Bullock in Bird Box.

If you’re determined to achieve better recruiting and consulting outcomes, here’s a brief Q&A with Chris Miller, our Creative and Digital Staffing and Recruitment Consultant. Chris shares his experiences and ideas about how to improve your creative talent vision.

What’s the number one red flag that a client’s approach to filling a position lacks the necessary thought and vision?

This is always dependent on the role, but given it is a design position – looking at the resume first and a portfolio second is a bad move. It is always about the work first. Or looking at a resume of someone who has “jumped around” and dismissing it, only to find out the person is a professional freelancer. Suddenly that person becomes a different candidate.

Today’s recruiting firm talent, tools and technology are more robust and agile than what they were a few years ago. So, if a client chooses to hire using only internal resources, what are they sacrificing by way of the vision?

All of the other people who might be available in the market. A job advertisement is just like a commercial. Not everyone is always watching and there so are so many opportunities and companies hiring, that sometimes candidates miss the best opportunity.

What impact do building and maintaining relationships and feedback loops have on a recruiter-client account?

The client-recruiter relationship and candidate-recruiter relationship are unique because of all the things you CAN’T SAY in a job description or about yourself. People are more forthcoming about their challenges and goals when going through a third party.

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