Bigger Doesn’t Mean Better in Management Consulting

As more and more hiring managers scramble to fill consulting positions, data strongly suggests the hiring cycles of old are now a cause for concern. Why? Well, because top talent is getting more appealing job offers earlier in the recruitment process which means hiring agility is becoming a key differentiator.

Today’s methods for selecting and placing the right person into the right job are too rigid. As a result, the more agile competitor wins the talent. This means bigger isn’t always better, especially in management consulting services. 

Take Syntagma Group for example. We’re a boutique consultant agency with 300+ years of collective experience. This small size and deep experience allows us to better understand client requirements and changes compared to our larger, less agile competitors. 

Now check out these three common hiring hangups when searching for top consulting talent that a firm’s size alone can’t fix.

  • Hang Up 1: Inexperienced talent acquisition team
  • Hang Up 2: Offshore talent
  • Hang Up 3: Uncertain business relationship

If you’re experiencing any of these hiring hang ups then check out Syntagma’s consulting services team. There’s nothing offshore about this team. 

Our senior talent acquisition professionals are standing by ready to showcase top performing engineers who have long term relationships with our team.

We’ve also setup retention programs to reduce your exposure in the unlikely event an engineer goes MIA. That’s right. You’re protected. It’s that simple.

Ultimately it all comes down to trust. You can trust we’ll deliver with the same simplicity and speed we give all our customers.

Why? Because we care just a little bit more than most. We aren’t speculating. It’s just obvious to anyone who considers our process, benefits and long-term relationships.

Syntagma Group’s consulting services just may be the answer to those hiring hang ups.


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