UX PODCAST SERIES: How to Hire Extraordinary UX Designers

Many tech buzzwords grow in popularity, and then die down. For example, take the phrase “Big Data,” which is still valued but no longer such a hot topic. Alternatively, it’s not surprising the search term “data science” continues to trend up. Care to guess how the search term “UX” is trending? Over the last 10+ years, Google searches on “UX” (see red trend line below) also continue to climb.


Impact of Bad UX

As a growing discipline, UX engagement optimization is a never-ending challenge for many brands. Why’s it matter so much? In a survey of more than 5,000 cross-market consumers, 76% indicated they’d switch brands after one bad experience with a brand they like.

If you’re looking to improve your UX design team and avoid the same fate, this podcast series will help. Listen to Syntagma’s Chris Miller speak with top UX designers, hiring managers and consultants. Each guest will share experiences on how they meet growing UX expectations by identifying and hiring top UX talent.

Indicators of Good UX

Along with discussing how best to evaluate UX designers and their portfolio, the series will discuss these top indicators of good UX:

  • Creative — Is the UX well thought out in its speed, simplicity and substance?
  • Authentic — Is the UX free of overt brand messaging or blatant product promotion?
  • Meaningful — Is the UX fresh and edgy?
  • Transformative — Does the UX capture attention and encourage visitors to ponder?
  • Unique — Does the UX deliver the unexpected?
  • Storylike — Does the UX appeal to a user’s innate sense of good storytelling?
  • Engaging — Does the UX appeal more to emotion than logic?

Chris’s first guest will be Nick Etemadipour, Lead UX/UI Designer at BRD.

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