UX Community Shouts Out to Chris Miller

As the producer of the Chris Miller Show, I usually stay behind the scenes. However, after producing close to a dozen episodes on the growing importance and variances of UX, I want to give a shout out to Chris Miller.

You see, when Chris isn’t podcasting about UX, he’s on the phone finding high quality UX gigs for job seekers or online landing top UX talent for his clients. Chris is committed to informing and serving his growing network of UX professionals and hiring managers everyday. So, for this brief episode, we’re selfishly showcasing Chris Miller’s UX know-how, connections and skills as a talent partner.

In fact, the inspiration for this podcast’s topic came from a LinkedIn post within Chris’s network. Check out Jim Montone‘s comments below and notice the value Chris offers each of his customers.

Next Steps

  • Learn more about Chris Miller and his vision for our creative/digital services.
  • Connect with Jim Muntone at Linkedin. 


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