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The Executive Director (ED) is the chief operating officer and is responsible for the supervision and oversight of the overall management and operations and the various business/housing entities that are under its umbrella. The Executive Director is responsible for providing strategic leadership and vision to the organization, overseeing all aspects of operations, and ensuring the organization's mission and goals are met. This is a senior leadership position that requires strong management, communication, and fundraising skills. The role includes leading an organization with various funding sources, governmental programs, and regulatory requirements while maintaining a deep understanding of the affordable housing sector. The ED reports directly to the CEO and Board of Directors and meets with the board semiannually. The ED is responsible for supervising the management of the properties, all Government contracts, various programs, refinances, and overseeing grants administered by our company. Understanding the importance of compliance, company performance, and overall tenant and client experience/satisfaction while maintaining and demanding the highest level of service from the employees is essential to this role. Training programs, annual conferences, and team building exercises are spearheaded by the ED to improve the employee experience and to better serve our clients and residents.


Key Responsibilities: (*Approximate

Monthly Time Percentages Applied)


1.          Work

with the CEO on the development and construction of new housing properties.

Assist CEO in all aspects of development activities from inception to

completion. (5%)

2.           Manage

the various daily operations of the portfolio of properties, and other entities

under the parent company. This includes the supervision and oversight of all

Management and maintenance staff, including supervisors and directors of social

services, maintenance, and security. (45%)

3.           Supervise,

review and approve the quality and timely delivery of property reporting,

including financial and operational data internally and to outside government

or oversight agencies. (7.5%)

4.           Supervise,

meet with, hold accountable, and mentor the property managers, fiscal team, and

other staff, providing leadership, guidance, accountability, and support. (15%)

5.                   Serve

as the primary spokesperson for the organization, communicating

the organization's mission, goals, and achievements to the public, media,

and stakeholders in the community and at public events.


6.                  Develop

and maintain relationships with local, state, and federal government officials,

community leaders, and other stakeholders.


7.                  Work

with CEO and Board of Directors to develop and implement strategic plans to

maximize operational efficiency and effectiveness, including budget overview

and financial planning. Work closely with the Controller to develop proper

planning and accurate budgets for all entities annually. (10%)


8.                  Assist

with strategic planning for development and refinancing of various existing

properties in the current portfolio to ensure long-term sustainability through

strategic planning. (5%)


9.                  Build

and maintain strong relationships with key stakeholders, including funding

sources, community partners, and Government agencies. Attend community board

meetings and other local events to foster a good relationship with our

community. (5%)


10.              Work

with the CEO and Board of Director to continually seek out new opportunities to

grow and expand the organization's reach and impact through non-construction

activities such as social and tenant based initiatives. (5%)


11.              Represent

the organization at public events, conferences, and meetings with various

agencies as needed.(2.5%)


General Workload:


Working in conjunction with the fiscal department:


This includes working closely with the Controller and overseeing

the organization's budgets, timely financial reporting, and accounting. The ED

must evaluate and report that the organization is financially sound and that it

is able to meet its financial obligations. This includes the individually owned

and managed entities. The ED should regularly report any issues to the CEO for

review and action.


Leading the property management department:


Alongside the CEO, oversee the organization's properties,

including maintenance, security, and resident services. The ED must ensure

through the vision of our company that the properties are well-maintained and

that residents are satisfied with their living conditions and services. Daily

interaction and accountability meetings with the management team is integral to

success in this role. Meeting with residents is also important to maintain a

proper understanding of the needs and services required to most effectively

manage our sites.


Overall mission of the not-for-profit:


 This includes ensuring that the organization is fulfilling

its mission of providing affordable housing opportunities to families and

individuals in need as well as reaching all required performance benchmarks

under all contracts, grants, or legal requirements. The ED must assist the CEO

and Board to set the organization's strategic direction and ensure that all the

organization's activities are aligned with its mission.




The ED is responsible for assisting the HR department and CEO in

fundraising for the organization as well as the annual event. This includes

identifying and cultivating donors, assisting in writing grant proposals and

working with consultants when necessary. Identify, cultivate, and solicit

funding opportunities from government agencies, foundations, corporations, and

individual donors. Develop and execute a comprehensive fundraising strategy to

achieve annual fundraising goals. Build and maintain relationships with key

stakeholders, including donors, partners, and government officials.


New RFPs:


The ED works in tandem with the CEO in identifying and pursuing

new RFPs that may be beneficial to the mission of our company and the community

it serves. This includes researching potential partners, attending workshops

and meetings, bidding sites, assist in writing proposals, working with various

consultants, and submitting final proposals as a key team member.




The ED is responsible, along with Human Resources to structure

annual training and workshop sessions for all staff our company. Some of these

events are held virtually and some are in person training sessions. Ideas,

concepts and new approaches should come from the ED’s daily experience with the

staff and the acute needs of the organization. Recruit, hire, train, and

supervise a team of staff, including department managers, to achieve

organizational goals. Foster a positive and inclusive work environment, promoting

staff development, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Ensure that staff are

equipped with the necessary resources, training, and support to excel in their

roles. Supervise and set up metrics for tracking the performance of the staff

on a continual and annual basis.


Grant programs:


 The ED is responsible for managing the organization's

grant programs. This includes attending seminars, researching opportunities,

defining which new grants are most in line with the mission, overseeing the

application process, ensuring the completion of annual and semiannual reports,

monitoring the staff’s program performance and interfacing with the

corresponding agency who supplies the grant. Growing and expanding the grants

when applicable is a major function in this role. 


Supervisors and Directors:


The ED must have daily involvement with all supervisors and

directors of the various entities under the control of the parent corporation.

This includes providing guidance, support, accountability, and oversight as

needed. Semiannual director’s meetings are held with all supervisors at the

main office which are lead by the CEO and ED.


Board Relations:


Report to the Board of Directors, providing regular updates on

organizational performance, progress, and challenges. Collaborate with the

Board to develop and implement organizational policies, strategic plans, and

goals. Ensure that the organization is governed in accordance with its bylaws,

articles of incorporation, and applicable laws.




The ED is a critical member of the organization's leadership

team. The main purpose of this role is ensuring that the organization is

successful in fulfilling its mission, improving its operations, and growing the

overall portfolio so that continual growth can be achieved.



Affordable Housing:


-Strengthen and nurture connections with the HUD NY office.

-Initial role includes leading and assisting in the daily,

weekly interaction with HUD in acquiring the role of management agent of the

housing portfolio. There are seven HUD 202 senior properties comprising 724

units that are currently with third party management. Our Company needs

immediate assistance and leadership to take over management of these


-Supervise and manage all aspects of the HUD properties and the

HUD property management team.

-Through training, ensure all properties adhere to the

guidelines set forth in the HUD Handbook 4350.3 REV-1, ensuring precise and

timely income certifications, appropriate rent calculations, and resident


-Periodically review and refine property management practices to

align with HUD guidelines.

-Assist and recommend the hiring of new staff to build a

stronger organization for the future.

-Ensuring a strong and efficient team that can manage the HUD

properties to the highest possible level of service.




-Safeguard the integrity of compliance for all housing projects

and related governmental contracts.

-Interface with all agencies on compliance reporting and any

requests or audits.

-Supervise Tenant Income Certification processes, ensuring

accurate and punctual Annual Re-certifications.

-Manage the staff regarding lease renewals, strictly adhering to

Rent Stabilization and HUD regulations.

-Maintain a system to be used by the staff and update HUD/LIHTC

files meticulously, ensuring thorough documentation and reporting.

-Handle queries and challenges concerning DHS, DFTA, HUD, and

HPD contracts efficiently.

-Ensure our company is up to date on the latest compliance

requirements with various agencies engaged in any/all programming.


Qualifications & Experience:

-A minimum of five years at a supervisory level in property


-Strong relationships with the HUD, HPD, HFA, DFTA, DHS or

ability to grow these relationships.

-Management certifications and specific field related training

and schooling


on experience interfacing with various agencies and stakeholders with the

ability to problem solve compliance related issues.

-Experience managing or supervising LIHTC properties and/or HUD

project-based Section 8 properties and staff.

-Moderate to high level experience in Development, construction,

and project rehabilitation.

-In-depth knowledge of HUD Handbook 4350.3 REV-1 and its


-Comprehensive understanding of Rent Stabilization regulations.

-Knowledge of the process of Tenant Income Certifications and

Annual Recertification.

-Prior experience with HUD file maintenance and (MOR)management


-Strong leadership, decision making, tenant relation, and

listening skills.

-Ability to organize, schedule

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